Nvidia K1

As part of the team at FutureDeluxe I have helped creating this spot for the Nvidia K1 graphics card. My main responsabily was designing, lighting and texturing the liquid drop sequence.

Full credits:

Creative Director - Andrew Jones
CGI & Animation - Simon Jones, Alexa Sirbu, Xander Marritt, Jason Drew.
Post Production & Edit - Andrew Jones, Markos Kay, Elias Freiberger.
Sound Design - Echolab
Created by FutureDeluxe / futuredeluxe.co.uk / 


drop_A_03_0006 (0-00-00-02)drop_A_03_0006 (0-00-00-02)
drop_A_03_0006 (0-00-00-05)drop_A_03_0006 (0-00-00-05)